Walls of Silence

No comment required…just read, think and ask yourself if, as a police officer, you ever fitted anywhere into similar sorry tales?

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I left the Metropolitan Police less than half way through the career I had hoped to have. I left because I couldn’t set foot inside a Police Station without feeling sick, faint and unable to function.  I left because I felt I was a lone voice with no supporters, even though I had made my stand on behalf of some of those others.  I left because I was unable to fight the wall of silence and still function as a Police Officer.  My career ended prematurely and my confidence was hit so massively that my whole life changed. 

I stood up for what I believed to be right.  A more senior officer disagreed with me and so began a battle of wits which ended in him winning.  I went on to win the war but it was an empty victory.  My career had gone and with it my sense of…

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One thought on “Walls of Silence

  1. There but go I (and you Dave) but for the grace of ….. well something. You don’t have to be a cop to identify and empathise with the above blogger you just have to have the balls to stand up for what is right for those that you serve, in any institution/large organisation to recognise that the bottom feeding scum suckers will always try to do you over if you disagree with them. Slainte

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