Winnie The PoohWhat is the ‘Bankside Babble’?

Well mostly it’s a collection of my thoughts and opinions, sometimes work related and often not but always honest and well-meant.

I first came to the blog world a few years ago, I needed an avenue to vent my spleen about things that annoyed me – in my work, in politics and in our society as a whole.

I’ve retired, gone back to work and changed careers twice since then. I’ve have worked for others, I’ve been self-employed, I’ve run my own company, managed a public house and now I work in addictions and substance misuse… supporting people to find recovery.

And what’s the fishing connection?

Simply because angling has been a #1 pastime for much of my life and sitting by a stream, riverbank, canal or pond with a fishing rod in hand is a great source of personal relaxation, it also gives you time to think.

So is the blog all about fishing?

The simple answer is no. Some fishy content may be found from time to time however, I include anything and everything that interests, or angers me (see blog posts).

Sometimes the posts may appear like soapbox rants however, unlike a lot of people (unlike too many in management), I say what I think and I think what I say. You won’t get any sunshine blown up your arse for the sake of personal popularity here…

This Blog is Dedicated to those I love, to those I have known & those I am yet to meet. If you don’t fall into one of those groups it’s OK, you can read it any way!