Walls of Silence

No comment required…just read, think and ask yourself if, as a police officer, you ever fitted anywhere into similar sorry tales?

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I left the Metropolitan Police less than half way through the career I had hoped to have. I left because I couldn’t set foot inside a Police Station without feeling sick, faint and unable to function.  I left because I felt I was a lone voice with no supporters, even though I had made my stand on behalf of some of those others.  I left because I was unable to fight the wall of silence and still function as a Police Officer.  My career ended prematurely and my confidence was hit so massively that my whole life changed. 

I stood up for what I believed to be right.  A more senior officer disagreed with me and so began a battle of wits which ended in him winning.  I went on to win the war but it was an empty victory.  My career had gone and with it my sense of…

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