#CrabtreeChallenge Why #ILoveFishing

Crabtree ChallengeI’m proud to say I’m a ‘Crabtree Kid’ – one of those anglers who grew up with all the simple wonders and pleasures that you experience via angling. I took my formative steps in this wonderful pastime thanks to ‘expert’ advice from Mr Crabtree.

As I’ve said before (see here) – most anglers in the UK (over a certain age) who hold some passion for their chosen sport, can’t have escaped knowing something about Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing. The wonderous tales (at least for a child) ultimately inspired a generation to go fishing. There can be few anglers, who grew up in the 50s and 60s, who weren’t influenced by the adventures of Mr Crabtree and his son Peter.


Thank you for divine placid relaxation… Silence, save only for bird song and peaceful ripples upon the water. The natural wonders of a frosty morn, warmed by an orange glow breaking through mist and haze. Pitting your wits against your next ‘PB’ – This is fishing… Crabtree I Salute You!

Crabtree Resources:

The Mr. Crabtree story was created by Bernard Venables and was originally published in The Mirror newspaper in the 1940s. In the comic-strip story a father takes his son Peter on a series of angling adventures over the course of a year, catching various species of freshwater fish from rivers and lakes. In 1949 the book – Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing – was published and has since sold around four million copies.

purchase at amazon.co.ukIn 2013 Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing was turned into a popular TV series. Presenter John Bailey, an internationally renowned fishing guide, is seen fishing and walking in the footsteps of his angling hero, Mr. Crabtree. There is also a Facebook fan page and a book to accompany the series – Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree.

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