The changing face of alcohol purveyors

People drinkingHypocrisy abounds today; especially when you look at the social ethics (of some) who are involved with or engaged in making money, within our predominantly commercial world.

But, what about the impacts of those ethics, particularly for the many people, who may be struggling with making more ‘healthy’ choices about the products or services they are being sold by a commercial entity?

More and more people are actually becoming ‘Sober Curious‘ and for all manner of reasons. Any past unquestioning adherence to the social glue of alcohol has mostly changed, and for many. Slowly but surely there appears to be an increasingly growing section of our society who are withdrawing from the past Booze Britain culture.

I drank to pretend my life was more interesting. Feeling slow or a little sad in the mornings was so normal I barely noticed it… @Gay_Alcorn

I drank to pretend that my life was more interesting than it was, to escape from everyday problems, and because I enjoyed it. Or maybe that’s self-justifying crap. Maybe it’s just that alcohol is an addictive substance like all of those illicit drugs we demonise and, over the years, I had become addicted. (Gay Alcorn – The Guardian – Comment Is Free)

In these difficult times of decreasing cash flow for many businesses, particularly but not exclusively amongst the hospitality sector, the retail industry has almost by necessity upped the ante with aggressive marketing. But finally all be it belatedly; the licensed trade is actually starting to catch-on, to the problematic issues many people face… thanks to the alcohol they (legally) supply.

Elton Mouna was correct when he said; “I would urge some in our industry to take a long hard look at the way they operate and stop chasing the bottom line with the bottomless brunch.” We can only hope they do!

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