What’s the number one reason people quit their jobs?

A great analogy to illustrate a major issue in the workplace!


You may be aware that research conducted by Gallup found that the number one reason why people leave their organisation is due to their relationship with their manager.



But it’s true.

Every day organisations kiss goodbye to people brimming with talent and potential …and all because of the way they were managed. One of the factors that leads to this relationship breakdown is people not feeling valued or rewarded.

And this can happen in all walks of life.

Some time ago I came across an amusing piece about the role of men and women at a BBQ. Although it raises a smile it also reveals how easy it is for some people to do the bulk of the work whilst someone else takes the credit.

Here’s typically what happens …certainly at the BBQs I’ve been to:


1. The woman buys the food

2. The woman makes the…

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