Chasing The High: When Is It Time To Stop?

The time to stop is (probably) now….before it’s too bloody late!



So when is it time to stop your “exciting” and hedonistic lifestyle? When your septum collapses because of frequent drug benders? When you catch HIV because of mephedrone-fuelled sexual promiscuity? When you lose your job after calling in sick so many times because you’d rather be at a chill out?

What a lot of people tend to forget is that the world revolves around balance; for every action there is a counter-action somewhere else in the world. Similarly, for every high, at some point down the line there will be a crashing a low. Nobody gets to miss work, have unprotected sex, and dance all weekend without reaping the consequences one day. Unfortunately, the thing is most of us will have to reach that day before we realise this.

The thing with getting high is, that while its “fun” at the time, you never really notice the gradual downhill slope…

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