Killing the Media Crap

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It would appear some of my offerings are being consumed as an antidote to the illness that attacks our society on a daily basis… Chronic Media Drivel, a malaise similar to the after effects of 15 pints and a Vandaloo. Nasty aftertaste in your mouth and an almost endless rear end pouring of unpleasent scorching irritant that is rarely solid…

Allcoppedout’s Blog: When I say ‘we’ I mean bloggers – I’m not really part of this, probably just passing through to soak up what I can.  A few more IT-bent friends are working on filtering.  In principle, I could replace my more or less daily dose of Radio4, Sky News (Terrestial morning TV ‘news-smaltz’ makes me sick), C4 News and Newsnightshite with Ambush Predator and the variety of stuff from many others from Banksidebabble, the science, economic bulletins and social science sites and planet police and newswire stuff I ‘consume’.… Read More

2 thoughts on “Killing the Media Crap

  1. 15 pints and a vindaloo – a mere aperitif! I can get the same effect now pressing the wrong channel on the remote and hearing the Eastenders theme. Mustn’t grumble!


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