The cyclic evolution of Scumbags and Swamp Harlots

Various bits of seemingly unrelated news this last week lead me to believe; there was actually some unintended commonality between the core information being reported. Read together, and not with standing the possible health and immunity impacts of the first, the debate about a scientific expedition and other tales, also raised some interesting morality issues…
Danger: the world is on its way: For Paraguay’s “uncontacted” tribe of Ayoreo Indians, a proposed expedition by the Natural History Museum risks their being exposed to outsiders – and, worse, to “white people’s diseases”… (Read more)
But according to Gadget, who often refers to his Swamp Dwellers, don’t we already have our very own forgotten peoples?
Insp. Gadget: There were drugs and stolen property in each of the seven addresses. Nine splendid sons of the new England were carted off wiping the sleep from their eyes. With thin, tattooed, pockmarked bodies, they wince as they get used to a rare dose of sunlight during the brief trip from flat screen to cell van… (Read more)
Perhaps the uneducated simple people of the Scumbag Tribe, who reside (and constantly reproduce) in a salubrious township near you, could also do with an expeditionary missionary or two? It would seem these tribes are not as remote or rare as we would like to think. Somewhat surprisingly, Allcoppedout even finds these bums in FE and as for poor Winston, well he realy is in the front line…

One of our residents, Mike, whom I have written about before, arrived the other day at the office door complete with gormless shuffle and his two hands placed firmly down the front of his tracksuit so as to remind the world that he has testicles and has already used them to pollute the planet with his gene pool. He has recently moved from the Housing Project in to a one bedroom flat provided by the Housing AssociationRead More

Unlike a large majority of our Neanderthal missing links, the simple South American natives would still appear to display some of our societies erstwhile hospitable social standards… 

An invitation to dine in the Amazon: The habitat and lifestyle of native tribes of Brazil is under threat from deforestation, but they are still willing to share their hospitality and local jungle delicacies with strangers… (Read more)

It worries me we’re moving towards a point whereby a large proportion of our society are little more than savages themself, and without the hospitality or attempted community and social skills. But why have these social and individual traits departed our shores? How is it that as a nation, who purportedly excelled in  ‘educating savages’ when discovered, have almost devolved to the levels they once sought to enlighten? perhaps we can find an indication in the following?
Portrait of a VERY modern 14-year-old: She’s got two tattoos, body piercings, drinks alcohol and sleeps with boys (and the middle-class mother who allows it all to happen)… (Read more)
We once lived in a society where, all our new-found human rights and personal choices were exercised within clearly defined boundaries of common decency. Ones which were set and reinforced by our parentage and peers within our communities. Those boundaries have in effect been pushed and stretched so far that they now hardly exist. So, given this is the case, who do we now expect to contain the slurry that is seeping out from every edge?
We continuously blame our education system, our legal system, our social system and our police for the shortcomings of our nation when, we are the ones who should and must shoulder the blame. A factor even more pertinent when you consider, many individuals in the above systems have also transcended those boundaries themself. They may well hide behind manufactured guidance and legislation whilst exercising their particular ‘freedoms’ of choice however, they continue with their non-ethical, financially corrupt, inept incompetency or immorality, just so long as they don’t get found out…
I always thought the old adage of “do as I say, not as I do” was a Victorian parenting relic, perhaps not so. Perhaps the human evolutionary process (like our hamster treadmill) is also cyclic?

3 thoughts on “The cyclic evolution of Scumbags and Swamp Harlots

  1. Mike is actually one of Winston’s punters – I started there because I’ve seen a number growing from 3 to 13 around here. I’ve even seen this in Sweden where the social services put ours to shame. We even have a growing problem with the ‘Saga lout’ – increased criminality (real stuff) amongst pensioners.

    When I moved to this town, I bumped into an ex-army mate and we would do what is now the drunken mile with no fear, either of thugs or cops. We could probably still handle ourselves then – too many beers, idiot womanising (well, they used to pick on us!) and a 6 mile walk home. He’s over from the States at the moment, and we are both sure we would not be able to do the same now, were we in the condition of 20 years ago. We never caused any trouble and were able to stop what little there was around us.
    You are right Banksie, as Gadget often is. No one is taking any responsibility.


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