You must have a University Education? Pffffft…

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Like many others of late, I have come to question the actual value of a traditional university education indeed, I am even starting to wonder what is education or at least, what does our society believe it is?

It has been well documented that, despite our kids supposedly receiving an excellent education, their literary and numeric skills are actually abysmal. This factor is often evidenced by university entrance officers and many business employers.

Allcoppedout Blog: Students are lining themselves up for £50K debts trying to get useless degrees.  Outside some science and medicine the student year is about 28 weeks, with only 9 hours ‘class contact’ in each week.  Standards are pathetic, and bureaucracy has replaced the old ways.  When I started teaching, HNC (always part-time) involved as much time commitment as most degrees now and HNDs could involve 24 hours class contact. (Read more)

The author of the above comments (HE lecturer) argues that, like many other parts of our country’s ‘establishment’, the education system is also flawed. In his next post on the subject he highlights the costs involved, both to the individual and ‘the system’ and in both posts, suggests better ways forward.

Allcoppedout Blog: It’s obviously cheaper to go down the distance learning route, yet there are many other possibilities, including much more practical and work-based learning schemes and wider access to sport and cultural university stuff.  Years ago, we ran sandwich courses, and all staff noticed the students were massively better after the year out at work.  Most of these have gone because bog standard lecture-essay writing models are cheaper and easier.  Only 20% of students can benefit much from this old academic form, and academe has sold out by expanding and diluting standards so low I could pass almost all non-technical courses. (Read full post)

I make no apologise for devoting my post in a manner that is, for all intents and purpose the work of another. Hopefully (ably assisted by a more eloquent blogger than I) the post furthers the point(s) I have raised previously…

BBC on Student Fees: Students and parents are waiting anxiously for the outcome of Lord Browne’s review on university funding in England, which is expected to recommend removing the cap on tuition fees, which currently stands at £3,290 a year. Some say such a move would put them off university altogether, others say they would be prepared to stump up the extra cash for a degree. (Read more)

A university education is NOT the be all and end all of the education process. It is not the panacea of ‘evidence’ for workplace selection processes. And especially in this day and age of ‘dumbing down’ everything to the lowest common achievement level, not always ‘evidence’ of any actual ability!

2 thoughts on “You must have a University Education? Pffffft…

  1. I heard someone (young) on TV saying we should stop a lot of this nonsense now, pretty much along ‘our’ lines. We used to do a lot for our students. Now they are just customers. Whilst my ‘sums’ are intentionally over-simple, I’m sure I could deliver more personal, up-to-date and effective education with a few friends than the institutions I work in. ACPO-level pay and bonuses are small in comparison with HE bureaucracy rip-off. Teaching staff and necessary support compare with Response Teams being sent up fertiliser creek in a canoe with the paddle a trophy on a management wall.


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