Everybody needs somebody!

Solomon Burke
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Music has always been a big part of my life however, I find it increasingly hard to find much to like in anything new as the years progress…

Too often these days, there seems to be very little substance or structure, let alone rhythm or meaningful words in the stuff that gets produced now. The inane and mind numbing boom boom boom that (often intentionally) leaks out of a small hatchback, with bucket exhaust spoilers and bling bling wheels, as it screeches away from the lights is a case in point. I suppose there is one saving grace in that, much of this crap usually melts away into obscurity within a couple of weeks or months of its release date.

Sometimes (thankfully) there are song writers and songs that actually make a lasting impact on music, on individuals and hopefully society. Solomon Burke who passed away today, was one of those musical legends, a person with undoubted soul. His extensive career, religious beliefs (and extensive family) will ensure he remains a lasting legend. 

BBC News: US soul singer Solomon Burke, who wrote the classic song Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, has died at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport aged 70. The former preacher turned singer had been due to perform at a well-known club in the city on Tuesday. (Read more)

In memory of Solomon Burke (March 21, 1940 – October 10, 2010)


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