Puppy walk policing!

North Yorkshire Police
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OMG, Cops actually on foot and on our streets…

Today whilst en route to the shops I spied two of North Yorkshire Police’s finest stop/search and arresting two miscreants on the street corner. WTG thinks I, nice to see ‘we’ can still do what ‘we’ are actually paid to do! Thankfully that’s two more ne’erdowells off to meet the consequences of their mischief.

My elation was however short-lived… As I turned the corner I was confronted by an ‘official’ North Yorkshire Police sign tied to a lamp-post… ‘PUBLIC NOTICE – Please be advised that North Yorkshire Police will be carrying out Student Officer Training in the area today. If you have any complaints or require further information, please telephone etc blah blah.’

I’m looking forward to the day when all North Yorkshire Police puppy walking is done in our town. Maybe they can even hire the town out to surrounding forces for their training? Perhaps then we will actually see some police resources for a change?

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