Over on the LinkedIn Police Debate, the question was posed…

“What would you include in your manifesto if you were standing for election as one of the proposed new Policing Commissioners?” After a few days of nobody stepping up to the mark, I thought I’d have a quick stab at the problem, just off the top of my head, not looking for a job you understand 🙂

If elected I would:-

  1. Ensure the role of ‘constable’ remains central to the ethos and methodology of policing in this force area.
  2. Actively promote the community values of fully warranted correctly trained and accredited police officers who are fundamental to the provision of a cost-effective and efficient police force.
  3. Ensure that all decisions surrounding police service delivery result from legal, ethical and moral considerations as opposed to political or financial interests.
  4. Remove unnecessary procedures and bureaucratic processes from policing service delivery, whilst ensuring the provision of efficient and cost-effective back office administrative support functions.
  5. Formulate levels of governance and accountability prioritized by legislation as opposed to administrative requirement.
  6. Promote two-way dialogue with all partner CJS agencies, community groups and the public, whilst always assuring the integrity, quality and factual content of all information supplied.
  7. Ensure BCU commanders are directly responsible and accountable for police resources within their geographic area of responsibility.
  8. Facilitate and monitor agreement between stakeholders and BCU Commanders on the provision and priorities of area policing services.
  9. Ensure the setting and maintenance of minimum acceptable police response resources within each BCU.
  10. Agree annual thematic policing priorities with community steering groups.
  11. Promote and ensure seamless cooperation, joint working and levels of legal responsibility between;
    a. neighbouring police forces
    b. CJS agencies
    c. local/national enforcement agencies
    d. local/national support agencies
  12. Ensure community groups and the wider public have easy access to regular and effective policing consultation processes.
  13. Ensure regular dialogue and consultation with The Police Federation of England & Wales.
  14. Actively seek regional and national procurement agreements relating to IT & communications systems, vehicles, uniform and equipment.

Too simple? Suitable? Achievable? Got any better ideas?

What do you think? 😉

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