Smile its Monday!

It might be Monday morning, it might be pouring with rain and slightly cooler than has recently been the case however, I feel comfortable and heartened that I am safer from crime and I have nothing to fear from anti social behaviour (ASB).

It’s not that I’ve invested in the latest intruder alarm for my home or indeed fitted my own multi-coverage CCTV system to automatically scan the perimeters of my property no… The postman has delivered a leaflet to instruct me that my life is better and that my County ‘remains ‘one of the safest policing areas in the country’. For that I remain eternally grateful.

I also appreciate that so many people (and quangos) are tirelessly ‘working in partnership’ so I can enjoy my life and not worry a jot about the crime or ASB blighting the rest of my nation. All this feel good factor is down to the ‘enthusiasm’ of those involved in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour issues in the area. How terrible things would be if it were not for the Hambleton Community Safety Partnership (

So when I pick my way through discarded take away food wrappers and broken glass on every street corner, when I run the gauntlet of foul-mouthed drunken youths in designated non drinking areas and when my sleep is disturbed at 3am most mornings by cursing and screaming teenagers staggering home worse for drink, I’ll remind myself it must have been a dream.

And, after I manage to avoid collision with the customised boom box on wheels heading to the local ‘doughnut’ competition, and finally find a space to park my car amongst all the inconsiderately/illegally parked vehicles; I’ll be able to go into my house, double lock all the doors and windows, put my slippers on, make a cup of tea, sit in my comfy chair and take solace in the fact I’m safe.

Note to self: Must complete the ‘Have Your Say’ feedback in the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Summary’ blowing sunshine up your backside leaflet and tell them that their website is offline! (How many others will?)

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