Circular Evolution…


Today whilst listening to a group of spotty and unkempt adolescents I experienced a Darwin moment. I had a sudden realisation that, despite being of exactly the same ethnicity, they actually speak a different mother tongue than you or I.

Their communication skills are made up of monosyllabic grunts and tones with little or no emphasis or attenuation, and all delivered with a distinctly round shouldered slovenly body language. The drone is fairly difficult to decipher, especially as one word appears to run directly into the next however, some base four letter Anglo-Saxon English provides an almost welcome level of understanding. It is also interesting to see how the use of those Saxon words is commensurate with the individual’s ambient level of elation or anger!

Although this observation is interesting I think I might have to study the complete works of Darwin so as to gain a better understanding of The Origin of The Species. It appears that evolution, like many other things in life (and in particular the business world), is actually turning full circle. I can envisage the time when the battle against anti social behaviour will require police officers to develop the zoological skills of Johnny Morris!

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