Match prep…

England World Cup game at the club tonight… Better have a last look at the check list?

  • OSU Cowboy’s Tee shirt – √
  • NASCAR ball cap (worn sideways) – √
  • Beef Jerky & Popcorn (snacks) – √
  • Crate of Bud (better make that 2 crates) – √
  • Ordered 2x KFC Bargain Buckets (for 1/2 time) – √
  • Bottle of Jack Daniels (for celebration) – √
  • Redneck cammo hunting jacket (in case of rain on the way home) – √

Think that about covers it?

One thought on “Match prep…

  1. Well that’s it… One all draw… Pffft!
    That means we’re likely to have an extension of the British drunken, loud, booze fuelled violence and stupidity which goes with soccer in this Country!


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