H4H Award…

Former soldier Bryn Parry and his wife Emma have been appointed OBEs for voluntary service to the armed forces, through their charity Help for Heroes. (BBC News)

What a refreshing change… So often these days the UK Honours System (although far more open to the ‘commoner’ than was previously the case), appears to be full of politicians and civil servants. These people often arrive on the list simply because of the propensity for ‘high flyers’ to blow sunshine up each others arse and self perpetuate their implied worth to society. They are just doing a job of work (or supposed to be), paid for by our taxes. 

The directgov website says – The British honours system is one of the oldest in the world. It has evolved over 650 years as the country has found alternative means of recognising merit, gallantry and service.

I wonder why much of the ‘opening up’ and ‘evoloution’ of the system would seem to have been progressed by the last government? I would hazard a guess that their main drive for change had more to do with their petty ‘class warfare’ raison d’etra and methodology. There was probably also the desire to ensure they had a better chance to get their heads in the trough at the appointed time.

Far too many nominations (and subsequent honours) appear to be made solely for Political reasons or Politically Correct considerations. The concepts of ‘service’ – ‘charity’ (and possibly even ‘achievement’) should have no political connotation, in any shape or form… 

People were concerned about the politics – we said it’s not about the rights and wrongs of war, it’s about a 22-year-old boy who’s had his legs blown off (Bryn Parry, Co-Founder Help For Heroes)

Well done H4H, a well deserved recognition!

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