The Tide is Turning in the #WarOnDrugs

addiction-alleyThe content of (most) recently published party Election Manifestos would tend to suggest that; the political playing field that is the War On Drugs is finally getting levelled out (see my previous post).

But, is that a reality? Or, could it simply be due to the fact, most politicians are no longer prepared to waste their (self-serving) efforts and (valuable) time – continually kicking the can down the road – in their tired political football game of addiction (public-health) and enforcement (criminality)???

Some might say that (belatedly) we are finally seeing (some) evidence of a potential political ‘sea-change’ for drugs policy and addictions support structures. But is our society really that interested in how politicians chose to address the problematic issues born in illicit drug use, addictions, or the associated criminality leading to individual and community fall-outs?

Past experience would tend to suggest society isn’t that concerned or interested, at least not until people have personally experienced some of these issues and impacts… why would our politicians be any different to the the society they (supposedly) serve?

Sadly, I remain unconvinced that real change will come to fruition, at least not in the immediate future. I’d like to be able to forecast political, media and social tsunamis, ones that actually start to deliver actions of gale-force proportions however; so far, I can only envisage and anticipate tidal ripples, for now. But I’d love to be proved wrong!

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