Broken Roads: Party Politics in #Drugs

Drugs ProhibitionI recently wrote a blog post about the possible political intentions, as they relate to the use of drugs in our society (see here).

Any tangible outcomes will be wholly dependent upon political party ‘success’ in the forthcoming General Election. Trying to predict if ‘winners’ will follow their published promises probably requires a crystal ball however; much of what I’ve read (so far) is still mostly uninspiring…

Despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, on the efficacy of a public health approach, rather than continued prohibition via our criminal justice system, the tired political trope of ‘tough on crime and the cause’ continues, almost unabated. Too much tired rhetoric is still way too prevalent.

My only hope is that our society will begin to travel a different route soon,  rather than continuing to stumble down a potholed and broken road, paved and patched with recurring rhetorical tropes and clichés.

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