Is preparing material for HMIC the best use of police time?

Police too preoccupied with answering politicians about what they do as opposed to just doing it?

Bernard Rix - mostly re policing...

This morning, it came to my attention that HMIC are conducting an inspection on “Best Use of Police Time”. The report is due to be published some time in Spring 2014, with fieldwork conducted between January to March.

One ACC tweeted that

“Lowlight of yesterday was hearing request for 36 substantial documents for a forthcoming inspection on ‘making best use of police time'”.

He followed this up with another tweet that

“Perhaps 10 years ago we may have had the resources to produce such documents – our focus is providing the service, not writing about it”

I’ve asked HMIC this morning

Could you tell me, will your inspection “Making Best Use of Police Time” also review police cost of meeting requests for info?”

I considered, but decided against, making this a Freedom of Information request (as that would itself further add to the burden on HMIC).

I’m tempted to…

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