New Liaison and Diversion

A valid and worthwhile Govt investment of £25M or more smoke and mirrors to disguise a problem? The proof as they say…

Mental Health Cop

In the overall scheme of UK Government spending, newly allocated money for mental health Liaison and Diversion (L&D) schemes in police custody is not that much, but we can agree that £25 million is still a substantial amount of money that we don’t want to misuse.  Bearing in mind that this is money allocated for just ten pilot sites, we can predict the overall spend for L&D schemes will be way more than double this figure if they were extended to all forty-three police forces; and bear in mind that the pilot sites do not necessarily cover whole police force areas.  The scheme within West Midlands Police is for Coventry only, the scheme in the Metropolitan Police is for Bethnal Green.

I really do welcome this investment and the fact that we’re actually going to do something! – I have said for years we need to do much better…

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