Aaaargh! That Blackadder moment

I’m worried that the older I get, the more and more I feel the need for a ‘Blackadder Moment’ you know the one; you’re so frustrated and perplexed about a given situation that you have no control over. The reasons for the situation and facts behind it are so incompressible that the only conclusion is insanity

This insanity is often twofold. There is the insanity of those responsible for the situation in the first place, no intelligent person or reputable organisation could have caused this, could they?

Then consequently, there is your own insanity… the one that you invent to try to escape from the realities of the situation. But how often do the pencils up your nose and underpants on your head actually protect you from the realities of a situation that you’re not happy about?

But those who fain insanity in their desperation to escape reality are actually doing little more than the ostrich. They need to understand that; putting your head in the sand just means you can’t see what is happening when you’re getting shafted!
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