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Yes, I have invented the title of this blog!

I’m sure someone once said (something like) ‘If ethics is how the world should work – economics is how it actually works’ – well this is my personal view of how this thinking can apply to policing.

Where to start? Well perhaps the recent changes to policing present a useful point in time to look at a number of issues that will perhaps now attract much more attention than they ever have done before.

Whilst television shows with sirens, dogs and helicopters will always have a guaranteed audience – some of the more prosaic subject matter can sound boring and be difficult to generate any real enthusiasm or interest. For example police performance data!

Why is police performance data important?


Public & Officer Safety

If you cannot fully understand the risks presented by the number of crimes and the…

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  1. Many thanks Dave… yes I have added this site to mine as a link… looks very professional with good content. Let’s hope our collective efforts bear fruit!
    Kind regards


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