Technology in fishing?

Fishing the Carquinez - Hook-up!

Technology gets everywhere these days even the simplicity of fishing isn’t immune. But does man against nature really need a computer to enhance the experience?

Rob Appleby of Saltwater Kayak Fisherman fame summed things up nicely with his comments in his article Fishfinders – Are they worth it? He said;

…do you really need any electronic equipment to catch fish off a kayak?, the simple answer is no. Though what it can do is to enhance the fishing experience and ultimately improve your catch rates…(Rob Appleby)

Whilst reading a GPS Chartplotter review recently, I came across one of the best comments I’ve seen to sum up my own personal view of the digital age and computer technology (see below).

Roughly thirty years ago, the social club where my father was a member installed their first table-top space invaders. My dad gave me 10pence I queued up for nearly an hour and within 60 seconds it was all over. My attraction to computers ended there and then too! I figured that my 10pence was far better spent on a bag of Cheese & Onion crisps and a pickled onion! (

Like Jim O’Donnell, the author of the above article, I’m no technophobe, I don’t do computer games and I’m not into digital change unless it’s necessary and also, an actual  improvement on what I am already using. Technology to me is a tool and nothing more.

That said, I might buy a fishfinder one day, need to buy myself a kayak first though… 😉

Garmin – On The Water Technology!

One thought on “Technology in fishing?

  1. I remember when it was all over in 30 seconds too! But enough about that! Those that know owt about me know that I am a technophobe, as far as I know I am the only person in this country to have failed the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and I only signed up for that cause I had every other kind of driving licence, I did wonder as i signed how you could drive a ….. you get the gist i’m sure. To actually get to the point fishfinders are cheating…… endex, no arguments, not listening, CHEATING.
    Man V nature not man and technology V nature. Happy hunting. Slainte.


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