Missed opportunity: a vehicle of self-discovery

Land Rover Defender

Are you one of those individuals who gets angry about missed opportunity or despondent about unrealised dreams? Many of us do it, despite the fact it’s not conducive to good health, or having that ability to move on and learn about ourselves.

Desperately trying to avoid my best Sinatra Karaoke voice I would have to sing say; “Regrets? I’ve had a few but then again, too few to mention!”

As a kid I wanted to be a soldier, then a chef but, for differing reasons at the time, I subsequently became a police officer. I did that for thirty years and hopefully I did it well; it must have been enjoyable and worthwhile or I wouldn’t have stuck at it, would I? These thoughts were highlighted and compounded the other day whilst I was browsing in WH Smith.

Land Rover Owner InternationalMy eye was drawn to the 25th anniversary issue of Land Rover Owner magazine, these vehicles have been a lifelong interest of mine, and then I thought; I remember buying the first bloody issue and here I am, twenty-five years on and I still don’t own one.. Bugger, yet another failed dream and/or missed opportunity?

Perhaps but as usual, hardly a life threatening issue and certainly not life-changing either. You see these dreams and aspirations, which subsequently fail to materialise are just missed opportunities. They’re ones we didn’t take for varying reasons at the time and usually, that choice was ours. Hopefully, we made it based upon the facts and circumstances available to us at the time. That choice was also developed by the use of experience and personal knowledge available to us at the time.

Français : Range Rover evoque Paris 2010
New Range Rover Evoque

A missed opportunity is just that, a missed one, rarely a final one, there will always be further opportunities in the future, should we choose to explore them.

Remember, there is always another day… Until there actually isn’t one!

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