An Independent Scotland?

First Minister Alex Salmond speaks at the laun...

Much has been written about the Scottish Independence debacle over recent months indeed, I’ve thrown my two pennorth into the melting pot from time to time (see here). Although I actually have a Scottish bloodline, I adore the country and love many things about Scotland, not least their amazing countryside, I still can’t help thinking Scottish independence the desires of a small minority (see here).

The Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has set out his timetable for an independence referendum however; according to some satirical sources it has been suggested “separation from the UK would make absolutely no difference” and the only change after independence would mean they’d simply have “one set of shitwit politicians on which to pin the blame” (see here), I would tend to agree.

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You see much of this debacle is born out of self-interested and self-importance, a trait that is all too prevalent in most politicians and leaders today.

To get to the top of any organisation these days, the whole process requires massive amounts of self-promotion and self-protection, without it you’re going nowhere. But on the way to the top and all too often, far to many of those who supposedly work for us, lose sight of the needs and requirements of those who helped them get there… Politics is the prime example!

These factors, along with modern-day business ethics where cash is king and people rarely matter, are all part of the root causes of our ever-increasing divide between the rich and the poor. Suppress the needs and desires of the have-nots so the haves have more!

United Kingdom

Many of Salmond’s arguments for Scottish independence fall squarely into this quagmire of self-interest amongst the few and, despite masses of rhetoric about the Scottish people getting a better deal, it has little or nothing to do with the needs and/or desires of Scottish society. Total independence from the remainder of the United Kingdom will be a retrograde step that the Scotts would ultimately live to regret.

I say keep the UK united… But I feel sure my Scottish mate will have a few choice words on the issue and the mental hospital that is UK politics!

3 thoughts on “An Independent Scotland?

  1. As was highlighted one night at ‘The Two Ways Inn’ – When you get right down tae it, there’s only birth, copulation and death. Everything else is pure bloody guesswork…

    In these times of economic hardship, nobody talks more sense than Rab C Nesbitt, the nutter’s nutter. He would have a theory about the issue, which although having as may holes as his string vest, would probably make a lot more sense than some of the pish being spouted by Salmond.

    Much of this ‘Free Scotland’ tosh is just like the effected hype that revolves around haute cuisine and other such posh nosh. And, as Rab said; If the Good Lord had wanted us to know about cuisine, he would never have given us crispy pancakes!


  2. Scotland the Brave? Without doubt. Beutifull Scotland? Aye, ye canny whack it’s wonderment. Free Scotland? Not on my watch Mr Alec bloody Salmond. And I hope and pray, for the sake of our proud and bonnie wee land that my peers say the same. Unpatriotic, Traitor, I hear some say, not at all is my reply. You see, whilst I love my nationality, my country, my roots, my heritage and my culture I am not daft enough to beleive that we can go it alone. North sea oil is running dry, although (in this weather) hydro electric is in no danger, what other industries do we have that will keep the nation afloat? Tourism? Aye thats a biggi, but there is only so much tartan and shortbread biscuits and so many “Hey Jimmy” tartan wigs with red hair that can be thrust on the dwindling tourists. Whisky, now that really is massive, but still not enough income to run the military never mind the country. I suppose Salmond could always legalise and tax Glesga’s two major employers, Drugs and vice, but hey not enough to run the NHS, or should that be FSHS, Free Scotland Health Service. Our strength as a nation state lies exactly there, a country within a nation. GREAT Britain. I do not and will not allow those that seek to feather their own nests politically, or, for financial reward, ruin what has been achieved over the last few hundred years. Don’t get me wrong, some of the First Ministers policies are sound, minimum pricing on booze for instance, free further education and prescriptions. But, seperate the Union and that will all go down the plughole. I could rant all night and I hav’nt even got started on UK politics but will leave my last few words (for now, I may have to come back to this) to One of Scotlands most famous ambassadors. I am fairly sure that his refrain to Mr Salmond would go something like this: ” Hey, wee Eck, Freedom, away and boil yer heid, only plastic (Aussie) Jock cry that, noo whay’s for a wee hauf. Apologies Rab C. Slainte


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