Blue Sky Thinking?

Dilbert (character)

What’s that all about then? I’ve written about Workplace Jargon or Business Bullshit and Buzword Bollocks before (see here); Blue Sky Thinking and other such terms all fall within the descriptor of corporate language. Generally it’s just simple marketing speak i.e. sales patter designed to sell an idea or product.

Marketing speak is characterized by its heavy use of buzzwords, neologisms, and terms appropriated from specialized technical fields which are eventually rendered almost meaningless through heavy repeated use in inappropriate contexts…(

Baffled by business jargon? The careerplayer team talk about buzzwords and corporate gibberish!

Interesting that Blue Sky Thinking et al originated in the USA, a place where there is generally a greater propensity for the sky to actually be blue, as opposed to dull grey and overcast as here in the UK.

Business buzz words are annoying… “Paradigm shift”, “globalization”, “synergistic” etc… I think it’s best not to use them; it’s not big, it’s not clever and ultimately, the more simple your choice of words and phrases, the more powerful your communication!

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