CJS moves at the speed of light – when it suits them!

Conscience and law
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Barely a week since the riots which gripped and disgusted a large proportion of the UK, two men are heading to jail. They have been arrested, interviewed, the CPS have made a decision and both were placed before a crown court, convicted and subsequently sent down for four years each. And all within the week for an offence that in simple terms was incitement to riot.

Two men from Cheshire have been jailed for four years each for using Facebook to incite disorder during riots in England last week…(bbc.co.uk)

Both men pleaded guilty under sections 44 and 46 of the Serious Crime Act to intentionally encouraging another to assist the commission of an indictable offence.

Despite the fact many will cry injustice and excessive, there are those who will praise the action and say not before bloody time. The circumstances show that our Criminal Justice System (CJS) can actually move quickly when it suits them, or they are pushed politically. The question that remains to be asked is; if this can be done now, why isn’t this the norm?

Having a CJS that continually operated in this manner, would actually go a long way towards clearing up much of the criminality that is unfortunately imbedded within our society!

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