Police Force Mergers Aren’t a Good Idea?

I have to admit, I am one of those who has been a strong advocate for police mergers in the past (see here), I mostly still am. The recent changes to a National Force in Scotland, in my opinion, could be also replicated south of the border (see here). However; Bernard Rix,  who has more than 20 years of consulting experience, with an emphasis on public sector, particularly in the police and criminal justice arena, suggests otherwise…

Sixteen reasons why “fewer forces” may not be the right answer: It seems that many working in, or with an interest in policing seem to believe that there’s merit in reducing the number of police forces. I disagree, and appear to be in the minority in holding this view. Here are my first sixteen high-level reasons why I feel that “fewer police forces” might not be the right answer…(Read More)

I still say there are many reasons to work on standardisation of process, equipment and administrative functions. British Policing, in many ways, is still a crime in progress. Also (in many situations), there needs to be far greater seamless interoperability in cross border incidents.

What do you think?