The devastating affects of ignoring risk

The "Belle" at Scarborough Lighthous...
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Many will have heard about the former landlord of a pub in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, who was jailed for two years by Leeds Crown Court last week.

The case involved the tragic incident of a man faling down cellar stairs to his death in July 2010. The publican subsequently admitted the charge of gross negligence manslaughter. (See BBC News)

Northern Echo: “This case also highlights the ultimate responsibility of business owners and managers to ensure health and safety laws are followed to the highest standards… As we have seen, failure to comply can have devastating consequences.” (Det.Insp. Pearson – North Yorkshire Police)

This was obviously a traumatic set of circumstances for all involved, not least the greiving family of the deceased. However, as the publican found to his horror; there are also devastating and life changing consequences for those responsible!

Someone dies and all for the want of keeping a door locked? It’s not as if the danger wasn’t already known and, a remedy to reduce the risk of danger was so simple! I’m shure there will be those who are thinking “there but for the grace of god?” Is it really sensible to sit thinking, “it will neaver happen to me?”

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