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Yorkshire Day, Yorkshire Tea, nice.
Image by Tim Simpson

Since the dawn of the internet, and more recently the popularity and rise in use of social networks; marketing any product, to more or less anyone, has become a little easier, at least in most respects. Take the selling of tea in a place where it’s hard to get a good cuppa and, to people who are predominantly coffee drinkers, as a case in point.

It appears the British are currently seeing some success in marketing tea in The USA. How much of this success can be attributed solely to the marketing campaign, the unconnected but convenient rise in popularity of the American Tea Party movement or, simply the American love (in general) of ‘quaint’ Britishness, remains to be seen. Perhaps it’s a simple as the quirkyness of Little Urn’s USA Roadtrip that have got American’s interested?

Yorkshire Tea know the pain of the Englishman, waking up Stateside, throat gasping for the perfect tincture of tea leaves’ (

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It would appear even the cute little Tea Folk guys at Tetley Tea have also regrouped. Their rebranding adopts the more modern approach to marketing, including the de rigour and ubiquitous YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter pages.

With a little bit of imagination, a cleverly thought out sales pitch and/or USP and a sense of humour, you can sell more or less anything to anyone these days… Snow to Eskimos or sand to the Bedouin anyone? A step too far? Perhaps not in this day and age?

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