The Crime Game continues…

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Despite the removal of policing ‘targets’ (joke) and, the ‘transparency’ in ‘accurate’ crime statistics born out of the new police crime mapping system (another joke), the age-old games still continue in the recording of crime.

I have no reason to suspect things are any different in this area to that experienced by Inspector Gadget… ‘Ethical’ recording of crime? My arse!

POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG: ‘Phew’. Another financial year over. Those wonderful Nulabour inventions the ‘Crime Managers’ will have breathed a sigh of relief as the final crime figures for the year have gone in. Every vandalised window that can be put down to ‘frost damage’, every burgled shed that can be explained as ‘badger damage’, each smashed car wing-mirror that can be blamed on ‘stones being thrown up by speeding vehicles’ and every last theft of an unattended handba … Read More

It’s a pity a few more don’t have the strength of character and personal ethics to adopt Gadget‘s ethos for working practice!

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