Bunsonium is Yellow…

Robert Bunsen 200 - Google Doodle
Image via Flickr

This morning when searching for something on the net, I noticed Google had published one of their limited edition doodle things again. This time it was in honour of the inventor and chemist Robert Bunsen‘s ongoing contribution to science. Apparently today would have been his 200th birthday…

Although I didn’t know it was his birthday, I was actually aware of who Bunsen was. I was also aware of his contribution to science and innovation in chemistry. Given the state of our education system these days, I suspect there are probably many who don’t know who he was and in all likelihood, even more that couldn’t really give a toss any way.

The thing that made me smile was; I wasn’t immediately immersed in recalling exciting experiments stooped over a bunsen burner in the school chemistry lab. No, for me the first thing that came to mind was the eminent anthropomorphic scientist Dr Bunsen Honeydew and his faithful assistant Beaker

After amusing my teenage memories over a coffee, my morning of scientific discovery continued in finding that, Bunsonium is probably yellow!

Simple things amuse simple minds I suppose!

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