The Blue Dragon’s Den: visionary plans or reheated rhetoric?

Rt Hon David Cameron, MP
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In David Cameron’s speech to the recent Conservative Party spring conference, it appears the Government intends to support the efforts of small businesses. With the best traditions and intentions of a Dragon’s Den raison d’être he said; ”We are going to be taking on the enemies of enterprise” however; are his words the basis of visionary and solid plans or simply more political rhetoric, as the opposition would have us believe?

Given the fact there is little or no money left in the public coffers, it’s unlikely any entrepreneur can realistically expect much in the way of financial support or backing for their endeavours. At least not in the form of any big wads of cash being handed out. So perhaps getting behind Britain’s entrepreneurs is not the “only strategy” available but just, a strategy with little or no substance?

I must say I have to agree with the PM when he talks about the “enemies of enterprise”, there is much within legislation and public sector process that precludes smaller businesses from being able to compete on an equal footing with their larger counterparts. Any moves to ease that bureaucratic burden have to be seen as a bonus however; politicians being what they are, irrespective of party colour, I for one would like to reserve judgement.

Whether or not the Budget on 23rd March proves to be the “most pro-growth this country has seen for a generation” will remain to be seen. However, unlike the Labour Party who immediately leapt forward in an attempt to rubbish most if not all of what Mr Cameron said, I’m prepared to remain somewhat optimistic at this juncture, whilst still reserving that judgement, at least until he’s played his cards… Lets see if the actions match the words for a change?

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