Budget billet-doux results in Osborne Night!

Chancellor George Osborne outside No.11 Downin...
Image by HM Treasury

Yesterday I spoke of the bitter taste left by the budget but realistically, how much better or worse off will I be in the coming year after George Osborne‘s missive yesterday? I decided to find out…

The BBC Budget calculator, developed by accounting firm KPMG LLP (UK), was produced to help us all understand how the measures being brought in next month will affect us financially.

BBC Budget Calculator basics:

  • The tax system is complex, and the model used below gives only an indication of the Budget’s impact
  • Your personal information is safe – all calculations are carried out on your computer
  • The calculator includes measures announced in previous budgets that come into effect in April this year

So I filled in the details and hey presto… Result: “The indications are that you will be £130.03 better off.”

I know the calculator only provides an ‘indication’ and, I suppose it’s only a relatively small amount of money. It’s also money that I’m not likely to realise until well into the next financial year but what the hell? There’s enough for me and the wife to have a night out on the strength of it I’m sure… And, in the best traditions of embracing diversity, tomorrow is a trip to the Indian Restaurant for Curry and Bangla Beer (or two), hence forth this night shall be refered to as our ‘Osborne Night’ 🙂