Andy Capp’s Software Sicky!

The Android Emulator home screen.
Via Wikipedia

“Lying to your boss has never been so easy” according to a report at the Chartered Management Institute. It appears a Gateshead based software developer called Gospelware have released an app for Android phones aptly called ‘Skiver‘.

Apparently the app asks you how many days you want to take sick, helps you invent a cover story by providing you with plausible symptoms to fool your boss then, wait for it… It also emails the details to your boss and then suggests activities to help you fill your ‘sick’ day!

Michael Dunn, the Technical Director of Gospelware said:

“Skiver provides users with a solid cover story to fool their boss into thinking they are genuinely ill. 25% of bosses now accept an email or text from their employees informing them they are ill rather than the traditional phone call.”

The application may have been developed with a slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ thought process however, it’s also interesting that it was invented in the North East. It’s production will no doubt reinforce the stereotypical image of lazy, skiving and dishonest residents of the region. Not that I subscribe to that thought process at all you understand. 😉

This may well be a good PR gimmick or ‘earner’ for the developers however, it’s not a good advert for the region during the current economic downturn. Regional organisations and businesses are currently doing their utmost to bring new work to the area. This is more important now than ever when you consider; the region is already suffering more than most from the government austerity measures.

Pity the technology wasn’t available to Bobby Thompson or Andy Capp I suppose?

No manager likes to confront a member of staff over poor performance, but ignoring it will only make it worse. Steve Coomber explains how managers can tackle underperformance at Management – Handling poor performers.

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