Managers speaking with forked tongues!

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In January the management of North Yorkshire Police finally confirmed, after many months of being asked by their staff; they were just “considering” the options relating to control room functions. Last week the force informed their staff that, the HQ command centre was to close.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the top-heavy public sector management structure across the county, are continuing to ‘consider’ ways to save money…

BBC News: Millions of pounds of cuts to jobs and services have been announced by councils and police in North Yorkshire… (Read more)

No doubt much of the thought process being expended will be devoted to what methods are required to preserve their own jobs, whilst axing yours?

Meanwhile this week, the North Yorkshire Police Authority (NYPA) have been discussing budgetory matters. During these difficult financial times, it is satisfying to know that NYPA expect to be able to maintain their commitments to the public of North Yorkshire…

The budget sees a reduction of £127,448, or just over 10% compared with the current year.

The Authority is currently crowing that ‘they’ decided not to increase the police element of the council tax precept. Something of a no brainer really; they actually needed the cash from the government 2.5% grant available to councils that freeze the community charge. On the recent redundancy announcements at North Yorkshire Police, Ms Jane Kenyon, NYPA Chair is quoted as saying…

‘It is very sad that we need to make staff cuts – people who have served our communities well – but unfortunately we have no option in order to balance the budget for next year and the year after that.’

I think many know there are other ‘options’ that could be taken however; there is obviously little interest amongst the police hierarchy or NYPA in implementing them. After all, many of those options would actually relate to them. Interesting how the only major increase in the policing budget for the forthcoming year seems to relate to the expenses payable to Police Authority members?

It rarely make sense to believe everything you hear… Take things with a large pinch of salt, at least until you see physical evidence to support the ‘hot air’ being expertly expended.

Predominant public sector management methodology usually requires self-protecting lizards to speak with forked tongues!

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