The Politics of Policing…

The Politics of PolicingThe article by Dr Matthew Ashton (see below) is interesting, especially if you are following the political debate on the government austerity measures, and how they are impacting on policing. You have to ask yourself, which side of the political divide (if any) is actually telling the public the truth when it comes to the numbers? And, is this government still perceived as being led by the party of law and order?

 Dr Matthew Ashton’s Politics Blog: Today in the news there have been reports that cuts to police funding of up to 20% will mean a loss of 10,000 workers. This is a considerable figure, and I seriously doubt that the Conservatives are correct when they say that this number can be achieved entirely through efficiency savings and getting rid of backroom administrators. Inevitably there will be a loss of frontline staff, including ‘Bobbies on the beat’. This is problematic for the Con … Read More

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