Creating future ‘inspirational’ leaders…

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After thirty years service in the police, an important aspect of the public sector, I have generally found the leadership in that particular area somewhat lacking. The percentage of so-called leaders that actually inspired me to ‘follow’ was often depressingly low.

Much of the methodology for development of people to that type of role is actually created by those already in that position. If there is such a failing, how can it be right that those who fail, perpetuate a continuum of that failure? The desire of many at the top of any organisation, let alone the public sector, is to surround themselves with a like-minded peer group. If the people you work with think in the same way, surely it must be easier to drive through any agenda you may personally aspire to?

Not everyone has a desire to lead, some will always be happy to follow however, the ‘followers’ generally perform better when they are following someone who inspires them. And when I say inspires them, I mean from a point of view of the organisational common goal. A goal that must be the same for every member of the organisation, from bottom to top. Once a ‘leader’ loses sight of the basics and traverses a more personal achievement route and ethos, they lose the support and respect of their followers!

What do employers look for in their future leaders? What skills and characteristics equal “potential Head of Strategy or CEO”? How can an aspiring leader become ‘the whole package’? The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) put these questions to leading HR professionals.

Although the ILM ‘Creating future Leaders report’ helps you to learn more about the winning formula for high-level career success, it also highlights the problems around personal, as opposed to group methodology…

Creating future leaders, ILM courses include Leadership Training, Management Training, Career Development, Skills Development, Strategic Leadership & Vocational Qualifications.

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