Police forces reserve funds for a “Rainy Day”?

Metropolitan Police Officers in Soho, London, 2007
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FFS…Whilst The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) are threatening the public with the loss of hundreds of police officers, “because of government austerity measures which are out of their control”,  the Daily Telegraph revealed forces have £1.2billion of reserves in their bank accounts…

The Telegraph: A study of the 43 constabularies in England and Wales found that almost half have more than £20million put aside for “rainy days”. The findings call into question recent warnings from chief constables that officers and staff will have to be lost because of budget cuts of up to a fifth. (Read more)

Now it might be prudent to put a bit aside for things that might happen, some would even call it sensible management however, with the recent highlighted failings and over indulgence at every opportunity, I would have to say… “Your having a laugh”, others would agree…

Thin Blue Line Blog: We would call into question whether the Chief Officers and their financial advisors are fit and capable to occupy their roles, when NOT ONLY have the majority built up empirical profligate fiefdoms with exorbitant salaries and fiddled bonus schemes that they have fought so hard to protect, but now it transpires that between the 43 forces there is sufficient bank reserves to employ 40,000+ constables at two-year service level rates! (Read more)

There really is a need to take action about the mismanagement of police resources and more importantly, billions of pounds of taxpayers money. At a time when we are all being asked to draw in our belts and do our bit for the ‘Big Society‘, we still have daily wastage at alarming and criminal levels. If now isn’t the biggest ‘rainy day’ the police service has faced in a generation I don’t know what is… Take note of the picture (above), if ACPO have their way, it might just be the last time you see police officers patroling a street in your neighbourhood.

Radical action is needed now, if we want to see a police function surving our society, instead of ACPO and Senior Management Team self-interests!

3 thoughts on “Police forces reserve funds for a “Rainy Day”?

  1. I can only agree MrG – with reservations I’ve blogged that the reserves might have an already planned use in dealing with public disorder the government (of any shade) fear is coming. The ‘reserves’ might just turn out to be the ‘public disorder contingency fund’ in disguise.


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