What does ‘comfortably off’ mean?

Via Wikipedia

For those who are happy just being ‘comfortably off’ (as opposed to greedy), it would seem even they are likely to get shafted shortly…

The problem is that being financially ‘comfortable’ means different things to different people and, for all intents an purposes, it is actually relative. Most of us live life to the level of our income, as the old saying goes; ‘cut your pattern according to your cloth’.

Unfortunately, many actually live way beyond their means and rack up masses of credit debt.

BBC News Magazine: Are the pips squeaking yet? The child benefit cut, saving for an evaporating pension while paying for parents in long-term care, not to mention helping the children pay for university. Is this the end of being comfortably off, asks Michael Blastland in his regular column… Put it this way: every £1bn is the equivalent of taking away services or money worth £1,000 from one million people, every year. (Read more)

I’m not sitting in moral judgement of anyone’s financial circumstances (I have debts and financial considerations of my own)  however; what you have to remember is, much of the ‘shafting’ coming your way soon, is actually worsened by your own choices. In many ways, irrespective of the political and financial misdemeanours of government and bankers, we have been “hoisted with our own petard“!

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