Talking Egyptian…

Logo of the Klingon Empire
Via Wikipedia

Apparently some ‘arty’ musical bods have produced the first ‘Klingon Opera’ and it hit the stage in Holland this week, what’s that all about then?

Not shure if I really care to admit the fact however, I can actually recall who the Klingon were/are.

For those (like me) who are non Trekies and to save on Googling, the Klingon are; ‘a fictional warrior race in the Star Trek universe. They are recurring villains in the 1960’s television show Star Trek: The Original Series, and have appeared in all five spin-off series and eight feature films’ (thanks Wikipedia).

The first ever Klingon opera is under way in The Hague, Netherlands. The production at the Zeebelt Theatre is being performed entirely in Klingon by the Terran Research Ensemble. (BBC News)

I suppose when you think about it (subject to popularity), an opera in the Klingon Language maybe won’t be that strange? After all, many people who follow mainstream opera also don’t understand the language being used by the singers!

Maybe if we asked Mr Spock to apply some logical analysis to the situation… Well, how popular do you think the show will be Mr Spock, is it going to be a hit, yes or no?

“I think the logical answer is probably in the affirmative Captain, it gets a Vulcan Salute from me…  Dif-tor heh smusma” (or Live long & Prosper*)

Following on with the Vulcan thinking; maybe the team could write a sequel then ‘logically’, the next gig to grace the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden would be, a street speak opera performed by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, renound for their humour. Kind of like a Chav diva thing, init? And, if both shows become a roaring success, the production team can name themselves The Double-Dutch Opera Company? 🙂

It’s all Egyptian to me but here’s wishing them Qapla!

* thought to originate from the Ancient Egyptian phrase ankh, wedja, seneb meaning “life, prosperity, health” which is an epithet which often appears after the names of Egyptian kings or references to their household.

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