Still waiting to see something ‘radical’…

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Back in July I commented on proposals for changes to UK policing under the post Radical Reform LOL. Earlier this month ACPO gave another fairly non committal stance on the cuts the shape of proposed reform ahead (see (Un)comfortable seat on de fence).

Yesterday’s TV news was brim full of reports about the Police Federation belief that cuts reforms proposed by ACPO, resulting from the government funding reductions, in real terms actually mean Christmas coming early for criminals

What so many commentators, ‘experts’ and senior managers all tend miss (or choose not to address) is; how can we continue to honestly justify the levels of senior management and administration in today’s British policing? 

Mr Neyroud (head of the NPIA) has been quoted on the “need for ‘radical’ reform”. I and many others actually agree however, that ‘reform’ must start at the top. Like almost every other branch of the UK public sector, policing is both top and back office heavy… As yet, I’m still not aware of any proposal that could actually be defined as ‘radical’ per se. 

Throughout my 30yrs police  service, not with standing the overall increase in police numbers, the percentage increase in establishment has generally favoured middle to senior management areas. 

Given the pressing urgency of the austere situation, it is simply not acceptable to attempt to maintain those erstwhile levels of ‘leadership’ and administration. And certainly not at the expense of frontline delivery, the exact area which the public continually demand.

I’m still waiting to see something ‘radical’…

2 thoughts on “Still waiting to see something ‘radical’…

  1. West Yorks appointed 2 new ACCs in the last 18 months, what’s the betting at least one will go and they will say how good they are at spreading the cuts from the top to the bottom, bet the chief’s new car doesn’t go though


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