Aida’s 50p

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Where have I been? Have I been walking around with my feckin eyes and ears closed? Either that or I took an extended break to Outer Mongolia after a brain cleansing session. Or, perhaps someone decided to change the channel on my TV each time they appeared, simply because they like to hear me moan about the shit on the box? It helps them know that I’m OK! 

Given that these ladies have been around for some time now, I just simply can’t believe that I haven’t come across such humour and classic comedy before today… Arse, Feck!  

Fascinating Aida are musical and their dry sense of humour is exactly to my taste… Absolutely bloody brilliant and, if it wasn’t for social media and me spending hours on the net, I may well have missed the YouTube link posted by a friend.  

Now I’m no longer in the dark about this talent I’ll be looking for more!  

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