Action not rhetoric!

Once again Inspector Gadget has to be commended for keeping the public informed about the real issues having a negative impact upon policing…

Action Speak Louder Than Words In Ruralshire We have just received the preliminary list of proposed cuts to Ruralshire Constabulary. According to the Orwellian language used by senior police officers, these are not ‘cuts’, they are ‘areas where we can do better’. As police officers in Ruralshire, we are deeply confused about this so-called recession/credit crunch etc. because we constantly see the ever-increasing conspicuous wealth of our ‘weekenders’, second home owners and commuters to t … Read More


Isn’t it time the service (and more importantly the public), actually saw some tangible action for change. It is insufficient for the hierarchy to keep trotting out rhetoric or paying lip service to the problems. Many of which have come from mismanagement and are a blight on operational policing in the UK today!

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