Marshal Law in Yorkshire?

North Yorkshire Police
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Here we go again with yet another feel good factor policing story. Yet as those with any knowledge of policing will actually tell you, it’s just blowing sunshine up the public’s backside. A means of providing a smokescreen to hide the underlying failure issues and lack of police resources on the ground…

Night marshals are patrolling the streets of Northallerton as part of the continued fight against night-time crime. For the next three months marshals will be out in the town centre every Friday and Saturday from 10.30pm until 4am. (Hambleton District Council)

The team provided by (Delta Security & Event Management) who patrol in pairs, are linked to the police and District Council CCTV operators via radio. This is just one of several similar teams now operating in towns throughout the County.

“Night marshals have been very successful in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour linked to the night-time economy in other areas of the force” (Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant N.Yorks Police)

Unlike the local police, who are quiet happy to crow about the methods used to shore up their failures and inadequacy, I would be utterly embarrassed to extol the virtues of the new scheme. The Council/Police partnership say; the marshals aim is to ensure “those on a night out have a safe and enjoyable evening”… Sadly a task the police appear unable to manage without help from others these days!

How long is it going to be before all we ever see on our streets are, private security patrols, Community Support Officers and legalised vigilantes comunity spirited volunteers? I like many others worry that we are fast approaching the time when; all the police will be used for is marshal law or paramilitary style enforcement duties. I have no doubt that some ACPO officer is already working on his/her CV in readiness for the Chief Executive job at UK Gendarmerie PLC?

Old Bobby Peel must be turning in his grave!

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