Mobile Lunatics

Yesterday I shared the following video clip on my Facebook page…

The general idea for posting the clip was to try and get people thinking about road safety…

After 30 years of being at the front line of death and horrific injury on the road, I probably have a little more experience than most when it comes to the after effects of human stupidity in motor vehicles. I was thinking that perhaps, people would watch it and maybe pause to think about the implications of their actions behind the wheel of their car next time they went for a drive?

Today, the improvement of driver behaviour appears to revolve around schemes for advice and education. This can only ever be considered as part of the driver improvement process. Unfortunately, the ‘education’ methodology has in many respects come to the fore simply because of finance and the demise of effective police enforcement. A factor that will continue especially in light of current budget cuts in policing resources.

There is no substitute for enforcement when dealing with those who can’t / won’t accept training and/or advice!

In one 24hr period since posting the video clip I have seen several examples of ‘road rage’ type driving and excessive speed. Numerous idiots using mobile phones whilst driving, a near miss rear end shunt because of a driver looking in shop windows and the one which would beggar belief, if I hadn’t seen similar before; a female on her mobile phone, doing her makeup in the rearview mirror and, blaring her horn at someone crossing the road at a pelican crossing. She was totally unaware that the lights had changed and the pedestrian had the right of way.

OK so she may have not seen the lights change… You would however think she could have heard the warning tones at the crossing perhaps? Especially as it was a warm day, all the vehicle windows and the sunroof were open… No, not a chance. The volume of the Lady GaGa track emanating from her ICE system was so excruciatingly loud that I’d be surprised if anyone could carry on a conversation at the opposite end of town!

I would throw my arms skyward in dismay and say “who gives an fcuk if you want to kill yourself” however, more often than not the stark reallity is; someone else gets killed or seriously injured by these muppets!

Remember; there IS an asylum for mobile lunatics… It’s called prison!

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