Trim or Cut?

Listening to radio reports and reading news on the web today made me think of having a haircut?

Prime Minister David Cameron has warned of “difficult decisions” on pay, pensions and benefits as he set out the case for “painful” cuts ahead. (BBC News)

So there’s going to be some pain… However, sometimes a little pain is the right thing to prevent even greater suffering. That said, it’s not at all surprising the PM’s comments and thoughts are already being disected and rubbished by in certain quarters;

100,000 civil service jobs had (already) been cut in the past five years” – Hugh Lanning, deputy general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union

If there is still plenty of room for this level of trim after the cuts that have already been made, it goes to show the actual level of pen pushing ‘non job’ people there are making a bollocks of the public sector service delivery already!

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said the speech was a;

…chilling attack on the public sector, public sector workers, the poor, to the sick and the vulnerable and a warning that their way of life will change…

Mr Prentis added some of his usual rhetoric about the ‘us & them’ – ‘upper class / lower class’ and the ‘have/have not’. Another viewpoint that is hardly surprising; given that UNISON is probably one of the biggest supporters of the Labour Party. A party who are the public administrator’s cash cow after all.

Before readers start to castigate my interpretation of the public sector, I need to tell you I can be considered an ‘expert’ in the field. I spent thirty years of my life in the public sector, a period where I witnessed the criminal waste of public money on a daily basis. Where I experienced the excessive growth in management and administration, often at the expense of front line delivery. A sector where it became the norm to have far more chiefs than indians… How can anyone honestly believe this is the best use of their (not inconsiderate) contribution to the public coffers?

So why am I thinking about a haircut? Well a little trim normally costs the same as a big. What is the point of going every week just to get tidied up when you can go once every four weeks and get a descent cut? £5 instead of £20 and a longer lasting effect – Simple economic sense!

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