New Neighbours…

Well that’s it… The culmination of three days intensive humping by three sweaty, spotty adolescent males sees the new incumbents of the house next door safely ensconced in their new abode. When I say humping, I actually refer to the portage of furniture and personal effects from hire van to the house. Although, having witnessed the activities of much of today’s youth, I suppose another connotation of the word could be applicable? Many do seem to have the desire (and sometimes ability) to fornicate with a frog between hops!

The question now on the lips of many of the residents in the street is; what impact upon the rest of us will these three likely lads have upon the rest of us and our quality of life?

It’s difficult to imagine they could be any worse than the previous alcoholic interbred chavs who lived in the house, courtesy of the wonderful British social benefits system. The family who constantly played the same inane ‘popular’ disco dance track over and over again at all hours of the day and night. I can only assume this was so they could learn the one line lyric of “does it feel good baby, oh yea” off pat.

I am prepared to give the lads (who appear to be student types) the benefit of the doubt. After all, I did hear one say “after all this manual labour going to work tomorrow will be a walk in the park”. Can’t be all bad, at least one of them actually works; perhaps they all contribute to the greater good of our society? Should I hold my breath?

One slight worry I have is that young men, of whatever intellect or social or class background, tend to have a penchant for liquor and loud music. (At least when their not trying to shag anything that moves!) unfortunately, I could have sworn I saw either a drum stool or cymbal stand amongst their personal effects? Perhaps the peace and quiet may be short-lived and this is the calm before the storm. If this is the case, one bonus is likely to be the standard of music. I have found that reasonably intelligent ‘kids’ of this age group with a love of music, tend to like much of the stuff I did when I was their age. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve found one of their peers enjoying a good earful of Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. The only thing is, when you acknowledge their taste in music you usually get a dose of; “and what would you know about this new stuff Granddad?

So welcome to your new home boys, I hope you take pleasure in your first ventures away from the apron strings and, it just remains to be seen if your neighbours can also enjoy your company… Watch this space!

One thought on “New Neighbours…

  1. It appears this is not the first ‘venture away from the apron strings’. Apparently the boys have occupied several other rental properties in a nearby town since leaving school? They are also apparently ‘resting’ between jobs, WTF? Haven’t been able to work out (as yet) who actually pays the rental, mother or DHSS?

    I’m also worried they may have a light alergy as all the curtains are nearly always closed? Either that or, something is going on inside that shouldn’t be!


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