Police Farce…

Police OfficersToday the Daily Express reports on one of the fundamental issues preventing the British Police Service from doing what they are supposed to do i.e. Prevent & Detect Crime.

The devastating effects of ‘workforce modernisation’ in the police service over the last decade, along with the increase in beurocracy involved in gathering government statistics has without a doubt, left the service with a negative legacy.

Damning figures reveal today how Britain’s 43 forces have almost as many clerks, pen-pushers and “plastic policemen” as fully-trained officers. (Daily Express)

Paul McKeever, Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales commenting on the problems and a report (see link below) into the issues said:

It seems clear that for all the platitudes on restoring public confidence in the police, promises to keep police officer numbers high may be nothing more a game of smoke and mirrors. (PolFed Release)

I feel sure that the newly appointed Home Secretary (and Policing Minister) are likely to get all the facts at the annual Police Federation Conference this week. I only hope they actually listen AND more importantly DO SOMETHING about it to reverse the problems.

PF Report – ‘Building a police workforce for the future – The need to scrutinise changes to the workforce mix ‘- click here to download

2 thoughts on “Police Farce…

  1. This item hit the local news last night and, UNISON have kicked off big style at the comments made by the Police Federation.

    What their members need to ask themselves is; does the job I do in the police force actually contribute to the actual policing function? And, if my job wasn’t there, would policing still carry on?

    UNISON have claimed they have eased the administrative burden on police? The fact is; there is a large swath of police administrative staff that actually fill the sea of paper that police officers are drowning in!


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